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Janey - Slate

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Thoughtfully stitched from beloved repurposed sweaters, each unique "Janey" is softly broken and will turn anything you're wearing into a cozy hoodie. The name originated after someone called our first hooded-scarf a "dickey." This reminded us of "Dick and Jane" and led us to Janey. Try it on, it's like a hug. 


Silver grey and white stripes run across this soft cotton and wool sweater knit shell. The back of the hood features a perfectly mirrored diamond pattern. Front of cowl features 3 decorative cloth covered vintage buttons in gray and black. Lined with a super soft bamboo cotton stretch fleece. On the lightweight side of our standard warmth. 

HOW TO WEARWear the hood down like a cowl - or flip up for a cozy hood.


One size fits all. 


Reclaimed Sweater Shell: 55% Cotton, 25% Rayon, 20% Merino Wool
Virgin Material Liner: 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex


Hand wash cold. Gentle care. Lay flat to dry.