The Wild Mantle® Hooded Scarf + Poncho for Women & Men

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Our bespoke hooded-scarves and ponchos, or MANTLES, are made with sustainability in mind and empowerment at heart. 


LOVE NOTES from Customers

A Little Celebrity Social BUZZ

Kat Dennings

"Still obsessed with my Wild Mantle!"

Wearing: Janey Couture

Lana Parilla

"This fashionable, luxury hooded scarf made by #WildMantle has been keeping my head warm throughout the winter up here in chilly Canada!"

Wearing: Black Alpaca

Josie Maran

"Back on the farm wearing my favorite @wildmantle"

Wearing: Janey Couture


I love sweater weather. But with scarves getting tangled and hats getting lost, I craved a new way to keep warm.

A few years ago, I took matters into my own hands and transformed some cashmere and wool sweaters into a hooded-scarf I affectionately called a “mantle.” 

As I wore it, people noticed, they’d ask: “What is that? I want one!” When people tried it on they exclaimed: “it feels like a hug” and “I feel like a warrior.” Suddenly, I had my first customers. 

Two Kickstarter campaigns, a TEDx Talk and a Tory Burch Foundation loan later, Wild Mantle is now a small emerging fashion brand with a global community of customers.

We offer our original bespoke pieces in addition to a range of hand-finished styles, all Made in the USA.

As we grow, our founding values of adventure, empowerment, and sustainability remain key pillars of our company and the heart of our story. 

I hope you'll join me and #TakeUpTheMantle

Avi Loren Fox

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