Presenting the Rugged Luxury Hooded Scarf

For Women & Men  |  Made in USA 


Millennial Woman Entrepreneur Avi Loren Fox is Wild Mantle's Founder and the designer behind the women's hooded scarves and men's hooded-scarves

A Note From Wild Mantle's Founder & Designer, Avi Loren Fox (above)

"A few years ago, I made a hooded-scarf from remnants of beloved old sweaters. It felt cozy and warm, and when I put it on, I felt a quiet sense of comfort and courage. When I wore it out into the world, people noticed, and they’d ask “What is that? I want one!” I heard the same thing from each person who tried it on: “It feels like a hug." and “I feel like a warrior” We call it the mantle, and before I knew it, I was making them for lots of other people. After demand exceeded my capacity to have the mantles made locally, I launched a Kickstarter Campaign and raised $39,827 in November of 2014 to have the first batch manufactured at Icebox, an artisan knitting mill frozen in time in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. Since then, Wild Mantle has garnered a TEDx Talk, a Tory Burch Foundation Loan, and an international community of customers who love to rave about their cozy hoods. I'm so excited to be on this journey, creating cozy knit hooded scarves that I love and sharing them with the world. Onwards & Upwards!" - Avi 


Wild Mantle’s ethos reflects Founder Avi Loren Fox’s own mantles of sustainability, empowerment and adventure.

SUSTAINABILITY: By choosing to manufacture paying living wages in the USA and sourcing as many sustainable materials as possible, Wild Mantle aims to use the power of the business to move the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction.

EMPOWERMENT: Wild Mantle’s signature hooded-scarf is called a MANTLE because it means a loose fitted hood or cloak, and one's role or responsibility in the world. As such, each piece is designed to bring the wearer a feeling of safety, confidence and courage as they discover and take up the mantles of their own life.

ADVENTURE: Wild Mantle’s are designed to travel with the wearer through all adventures of life. Our image culture is a snapshot of our own adventures, as well as the adventures of our customers.

Watch our 2014 Kickstarter Video: