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Our Story


I love sweater weather. But with scarves getting tangled and hats getting lost, I craved a more fashionable and sleek way to keep warm.

A few years ago, I took matters into my own hands and transformed some cashmere and wool sweaters into a hooded-scarf I affectionately called a “mantle.” Aside from solving my own problem, I recognized an opportunity as this shape was nowhere to be found in stores.

As I wore it, people noticed, they’d ask: “What is that? I want one!” When people tried it on they exclaimed: “it feels like a hug” and “I feel like a warrior.”

I realized quickly that the mantle was not just another accessory, but a new fashion category that created an emotional experience.

As demand grew, so did positive customer reviews, as well as recommendations to friends and family as gifts. Before I knew it, orders were coming in not only from customers in North America, and also in Europe and Asia.

Wild Mantle is now an emerging fashion brand with a global community of customers. We offer our original bespoke Couture pieces in addition to a range of hand-finished styles, all Made in the USA.

As we grow, our founding values of adventure, empowerment and sustainability remain key pillars of our company and the heart of our story.  

I hope you'll join me and #TakeUpTheMantle

Avi Loren Fox

Founder & CEO



Wild Mantle aims to use the power of each mantle to move the fashion industry in a more sustainable and empowering direction. 

SUSTAINABILITY: Whenever possible, we source materials have environmentally friendly qualities such as organic cotton, bamboo, recycled sweaters and alpaca. Each mantle is also assembled right here in the USA at a certified B-Corporation artisan knitting mill in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. The only exception is our Couture collection, which is handmade in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania by our amazing friend and skilled seamstress Marcia. 

EMPOWERMENT: Wild Mantle’s signature hooded-scarf is called a MANTLE because it means a loose fitted hood or cloak, and one's role or responsibility in the world. As such, each piece is designed to bring the wearer a feeling of safety, confidence and courage as they discover and take up the mantles of their own life. Wild Mantle aims to be a powerful voice towards encouraging empowerment of all individuals on our beautiful planet. 

ADVENTURE: Wild Mantle’s are designed to travel with the wearer through all adventures of life. Through social media, we create an image collection not only of our own adventures, but of our customers adventures in our designs. Some favorite customer Wild Mantle photo moments include: Hiking to the top of a Mountain Colorado, watching the Northern Lights in Iceland, or exploring the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

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