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Wild Mantle Spotlight: Piperwai Natural Deodorant

Posted on October 04 2016

Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner are Co-Founders of Piperwai, the charcoal based all-natural deodorant that made a huge splash on ABC's Shark Tank in December 2015. We were so excited to catch up with Jess and Sarah for a Wild Mantle photo shoot with their dogs Velma and Coco, and with Jess for a quick interview!

(Jess Edelstein (right) and Sarah Ribner (left), co-founders of Piperwai, with their adorable pups Velma (right) and Coco (left)!)




What is your connection to Wild Mantle?

JESS: Avi and I went to highschool together, and we reconnected a couple of years ago and bonded over our entrepreneurial ventures. I was eager to connect with other people going through the same hectic lifestyle that starting a business from scratch entails and I immediately fell in love with the Wild Mantle brand and everything it stands for!

What is a “ mantle” you take up in your life?

JESS: From a young age, I've always felt my "purpose", or mantle, was to make a difference in other people's lives. It took me a while to figure out how and I certainly never assumed it would revolve around deodorant. But now, we hear from people every day saying a product I created in my kitchen with my best friend has significantly improved their lives. It isn't something I take lightly; I feel very fortunate to be making a positive impact for so many people.

What is one big learning that you have had as an entrepreneur that has stuck with you?

JESS: Understanding short term discomfort vs long term success. It's a lesson my parents always tried to drill into my head growing up and it never truly stuck until the stakes were high enough. In the beginning of PiperWai, my business partner Sarah and I didn't take a single day off (including weekends and holidays), nor did we pay ourselves - for two years. (I supported myself by selling real estate on the side). But, we were building a solid foundation for our business to stand on by reinvesting our time and profits into the company so that we were in a position to succeed on Shark Tank and beyond. All of the blood, sweat, and tears of bootstrapping for those two years were 100% worth it.

 Jess and Sarah, we are so inspired by and proud of you!




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