Kiera's Mantle Story

Kiera Missanelli is a Wild Mantle friend, customer and supporter—not to mention an awesome blogger and #girlboss.  Check out her fashion & lifestyle blog at!

        I once took a yoga class where we discussed the sanskrit word “kula.” The word means “a community of the heart,”—a community you choose.  I’ve known Avi (Wild Mantle Founder) since I was in 4th grade and she was in 8th. We danced together at a studio that was our “kula.” And now I am so happy she has created her own “kula” that is Wild Mantle.

I am no stranger to the Wild Mantle world. In fact, I’ve posted about Wild Mantle multiple times on my own blog. Usually, I’ll talk about how amazing the brand is—sustainable, cozy, chic, and fashionable are all adjectives that come to mind. This time I want to tell you a story to bring you into the tribe… because, to me, that is the best thing about Wild Mantle— a group of individuals brought together by a brand that instantly makes you feel supported.

When I think about what Wild Mantle is as a company, and a community, I am reminded of one particular chilly morning last fall.  It was the first such morning of the season.  One of those mornings when you wake up and you realize for the first time that it’s still dark. The harvest moon was shining so brightly right through my bedroom window, that I was instantly wide awake and excited.  

I don’t usually do mornings.  But Avi had corralled a group of friends - including me - to model her Wild Mantle hoods on a morning show segment with Jenn Fred on Fox20. Feeling energized by the harvest moon light I threw on full makeup and leather and hailed a cab to FOX29’s studios.

None of the models knew each other, but being in this room of five strangers felt like meeting with old friends, because everyone knew and loved the Wild Mantle hoods and had come together to help grow this brand they believed in.

       That morning ended up being such a bonding experience for all of us. Side story: Turns out we were in the wrong location and had to run (literally) about four blocks through the cobblestoned streets of Old City Philadelphia (me in heels) to find the camera crew. We pulled together, made it, and nailed the segment.

However, when this quick three minutes was over, we didn’t want to leave. We lingered, talking about life and our goals.  We even moved over to a coffee shop to continue having conversations in which we encouraged each other to become more confident and empowered in our work and lives.

        If you haven’t “taken up the mantle” and joined the tribe yet, you really should. It’s an amazing product and an amazing crew.   I hope the fall nip, the darker mornings, and the full harvest moon inspire you to take up the mantle just as they inspired me. Welcome to the “kula.”

 This is a photo of my sister’s first experience of the brand. I don’t know how Avi was quick enough to capture this moment but this was the exact instant she put the original Mantle on for the first time. The sheer joy on her face always makes me smile. (Those are my hands in the left hand corner)

Thank you, Kiera, for sharing such a beautiful Wild Mantle Memory! To find out how to get your story featured on our blog, email!

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