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The Janey Collection

The new collection will hit our website in October 2019. To be the first to know: 


The Janey Story

A few years ago, I made a hooded-scarf out of some cozy thrifted sweaters. When I wore it out into the world, people noticed, and they'd ask: what is that!? I want one! 

I started hearing the same thing over and over again from each person who tried it on: “It feels like a hug” They also noted how confident it made them feel, saying "I feel like a warrior." Before I knew it, I was making them for lots of other people.

janey (noun) 1. A hooded-scarf made from up-cycled sweaters. 

The name JANEY originated after someone called the original hooded-scarf a "dickey," which reminded me of "Dick and Jane" and led me JANEY.

True to roots, each JANEY made today is still thoughtfully stitched from softly broken thrifted sweaters. Each one-of-a-kind piece and will add the coziest hoodie to any outfit or jacket.

How to Shop

A brand new collection of JANEYS will be available online in October 2019! It will remain online until it sells out or until March.

Want to be the first to know? Sign up here and I'll send you an email as soon as it goes live. 

And, if you have a JANEY emergency between now and then, use our contact form to send me a message and I'll email you back some options for purchase. 

Onwards & Upwards!

Avi Loren Fox

Founder, Wild Mantle

P.S. Here is a photograph of me in my original JANEY!