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Very versatile!

"I bought one at the Clover Market in April and took it to Denmark with me the next day. It layered beautifully with my long sleeve tops and added just the right amount of warmth. Now I'm wearing it over tank tops for summer. Very stylish and great for all seasons."

Dawn (Philadelphia, PA) Dreamer Light

Great on a cold Spring Day

"I purchased this hood during a Spring Festival street fair. Even though it was May, it was cold and windy and raining on and off. I was so happy to find it. It kept me warm and cozy on my long walk home. I know I'll wear it on cold days for a long time to come!"

Grace (Philadelphia, PA) Snow Queen

Giving me life right now

"This. Is. Everything. Literally, everything. I balked at the price, but this garment it worth every penny. Beautifully and ethically made, this mantle feels like you're wrapping yourself in cozy-strength. The fleece lining is a game-changer. This has replaced my winter hat and scarves. And I'm a dog walker in Chicago. In winter."

Luana (Evanston, IL) Aplaca Minky Fleece

Best for warmer temps

"The Windy is warm, cozy, and really does feel like a hug. This is perfect for warmer temps, like a damp 70 degree day. If you need coverage for colder days, I'd go with a Minky or Alapaca. The Windy is beautifully made and feels as luscious today as when I took it out of the box. Avi even took the time to write a little note to me personally."

Luana (Evanston, IL) Windy

One of the best gifts I've ever received!

"Received this as a gift, and instantly fell in love. Appreciate that it has so much personality and people said it fit mine! What a compliment!!! Cozy, comfortable, warm. Eclectic fabrics. Wore it all over while traveling. Felt the comfort of a hug that kept me feeling safe while traveling. Feel so fashion-forward wearing it, while also feeling powerful. Nice to know I'm wearing something of high quality and easy to care for. People love asking about it, and I enjoy telling them its story."

S (PA) Janey

Won't go to beach without it!

“Soft material, lightweight, vibrant color, cozy and comfortable. Great when that breeze hits the beach in the evening, or as a way to protect my skin and cover-up from the sun during the day. One of the best parts is everybody who sees me wear it loves it and has to feel the material!!!”

S (PA) Dreamer Light

Love your products!

“Both ponchos arrived today! Thank you so much! Really cute and thank goodness they are short enough for this short body of mine (4’11 1/4”). Love your products!”

Diann (Montgomery, Texas) Dreamer Light

Versatility Plus!

“The traveler poncho is versatility plus! Great indoors and out. I wear mine to business meetings, on errands and out to dinner. I also like to cuddle up in my poncho when I settle in at home to watch a movie or read a book. Washes up beautifully too!”

Terry (Narberth, PA) Traveler Bamboo Cotton Stretch Fleece 

Great product!

“I just received my Janey today and I love it! It feels so soft and light when I put it on. I hope it gets a little colder again, so I have a reason to wear it now :) Otherwise, I look forward to wearing my Janey later in the year. Thank you for getting this to me after all the mishap with the post office. I appreciate your timely responses and superb customer service.”

Eden (CA) Janey

Ultimate Comfort With Style

“I love hats, but I rarely wear them for warmth because I tend to misplace them. On the other hand, there's the Janey. I never need to take it off, and looks beautiful (and makes me feel beautiful) whether the hood is up or down. I'm really annoyed I found this so late in the season because soon it'll be too warm outside to wear it! I think even Cersei Lannister would love a hood/mantle like this.”

Freda (Santa Cruz, CA) Janey


“It's warm, comfortable, well-made, and flattering.”

Katie (Boston, MA) Janey

Love my Janey's

“My Janey's are awesome, unique and so much fun! I have 3 Janey's! They are so cozy! They are the highlight of my outfits when I wear them. You're guaranteed to get let's of compliments!!”

Deb (Philadelphia, PA) Janey

Mad about Mantles!

“I am madly in love with all of my Mantles and my original Janeys! They are worth the investment and will keep you warm through fall, winter and even spring. I often leave mine on all day because they look great as an accessory with and with out your jacket/outerwear. If you haven't already done it, GET ONE!”

Marie (NYC) Janey

Mantle Mama

“I love my Janey!! It's so comfy, warmer than any hat/hood/scarf combo I've ever warn and I love that it is made from recycled materials. Aside from the quality of the Janey and the many compliments I receive when I wear it, my favorite part is that when I put it on and head out the door with my toddler in tow, I feel ready to conquer the day! Thank you!!”

Kat (Philadelphia, PA) Janey

In love!

“I basically wear my Janey 24/7. Always a struggle to take it off and put it in the laundry. ;) It's my bestfriend for my savasana sessions, for falling asleep, for walking outside on a cold canadian day.. I love that it's made out of recycled fabrics + Avi is the sweetest if you ever have to contact her for a question or anything. So let me just say: you need a Janey in your life.”

Laura (Montreal, Canada) Janey

Purchased as Gift

“I purchased a Janey for an inner city middle school girl whom I mentor. She had never seen anything like it, and was delighted to receive it. Her mom was, too: as a combination hat and scarf, the Janey keeps her young teenager warm, with one less thing to find as you run out the door!”

Rosemary (Narberth, PA) Janey

My favorite outerwear

“This is the best gift I got myself in 2015. The hood is incredibly warm, blocking out wind without flattening my hair like a hat would, and I get constant compliments on it. A great product! I got one for myself and one for my sister, who loves it too. I will note I got them during a major sale - The prices are too high at full price, I think.”

Karen (Virginia) Janey