What are some examples of your commitment to sustainable production?

We currently manufacture at a B-Corporation artisan knitting mill in Colorado. We decided to work with a B-Corporation, which a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, because we wanted the manufacturing of our mantles to have a positive impact. As a B Corp, our knitting mill had to go through an assessment to determine that sustainability was not only built into their mission as a company, but also into the materials they use, the wages they pay, and the overall integrity of the company. As Wild Mantle grows, we look forward to expanding our social and environmental impact.

Do Mantles come in different sizes, or is it one size fits all?

Our winter collection is one size fits most, however, our summer collection is offered in petite as well as regular. If you'd like more info on how the mantle will fit you, feel free to reach out to avi@wildmantle.com.

How do I clean my Alpaca Mantle?

The Alpaca Mantle can be dry cleaned or hand washed. To hand wash:
  1. Fill a clean sink or tub with cold water and a small amount of mild liquid detergent like baby shampoo or a fine fibers formula. (Using hot water, or even two different temperatures of water, will “shock” the fibers, making them mat together and start turning into felt.) Do not use chlorine bleach or even gentle Woolite, as these harsh cleaners will cause damage.

  2. Soak the garment for 3 to 5 minutes, gently squeezing the suds through the garment. Avoid twisting, wringing, scrubbing, or otherwise agitating it, as this will cause felting. Dyed garments will have some chance of bleed, but since alpaca fiber takes dyeing better than most other fibers, this shouldn’t be a problem after the first wash.

  3. Rinse the garment twice in clean, cold water and gently squeeze out the excess. Be gentle handling it to avoid wrinkles and distortion.

  4. Lay the garment between two towels, roll up the towels and set it aside for a few minutes.

  5. Place the garment on a dry towel or sweater rack and reshape (do not hang to dry). Let it dry away from sunlight and direct heat.

  6. If the garment is wrinkled after drying, you can steam it lightly with an iron, or simply hang it up in the bathroom, run the shower, and let the steam ease away the creases.

If you don’t have the time to hand-wash your alpaca garments, you can always take them to a professional dry-cleaner. Bring along any labels or care tags that came with the garment, and be sure to point out any spots and stains so they can use the best method to remove them.

I have a question that wasn't answered here. What do I do? 

Email Wild Mantle's Founder Avi Loren Fox at avi@wildmantle.com or fill out our contact form and we'll be happy to answer any questions!