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Tales from Clover Market

Posted on November 08 2016

We had an AMAZING day at the Bryn Mawr Clover Market this past Sunday! Big thank you to Lizzie and Katy (photo below!), my amazing Villanova interns who weathered the entire day with me and were so awesome and kind to all our customers. 

This is our 5th Clover Market, and between our presence over time and all the local press we've gotten, it was really fun to have so many people come up and say "hey, I've heard of Wild Mantle, I've been wanting one for years and today is the day!" Brand recognition? Here we come! I was so excited to see so many people walk away wearing mantles :) 

Another fun thing happened. A few years ago I gave a talk at the Shipley School on sustainability and business. At Clover Market, one of the students stopped by to visit! Her mom told me how she remembered everything about my talk, and told her all about it so many years later. This made my heart light up, because you never know if ideas or stories stick, and apparently mine did. It was great to get to chat with this young lady, and I hope I can help encourage her forward as she continues to grow into herself. But for now, here is a cute photo we took together...

Can't wait to sign up for the next Clover Market. That's it for 2016...but as soon as they set their schedule for 2017 I'll be applying for sure! 

Happy (almost) holiday season everyone. The cold is upon us and luckily we've got mantles galore to keep you cozy!

Onwards & Upwards... 



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