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Janey's 5th Birthday! New Collection Released

Posted on September 21 2018

Five years ago, I was wearing a cozy hooded-scarf I had made out around town. People noticed, and they'd ask: what is that? I want one! Before I knew it I had my first orders, and the small fashion brand that is now Wild Mantle was born. 

One might think you'd grow tired of a garment over five years, but I've found the opposite has happened. I love the original more than ever. It's still the one I reach for in my closet, and it is now a reservoir of memories of all the adventures I've had while wearing it. 

To celebrate our 5th Birthday, I've released a new pattern for our Janey Collection that captures the essence of the first one I ever made. Before I go into those juicy details, here is a little look at the original modeled by the magical Lianda Swain:


Here are three things I love about the original that we are re-releasing in our Autumn 2018 Janey Collection:

1. The Shape: the pattern is cut so that the hood makes a softly dramatic triangle to frame your face. 

2. The Cowl Split: the bottom of the cowl is split which not only gives the piece a sophisticated look but also helps hold the cowl perfectly in place on your shoulders. 

3. The Trims: the decorative trim of the three upcycled buttons on the front, in addition to the way the liner peaks through at the front of cowl seam, both add a playful and unique twist to the piece. 

Want to see what the new one-of-a-kind Janeys look like!?! I'll leave you with a sneak peak below. If you're new to Wild Mantle land, you can order your very own Janey from our latest new collection here. If you've been around for part of all of the last five years, a big THANK YOU for all of your support. 

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