Hi, my name is Avi

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Hi, my name is Avi

It's been a while since I posted an introduction of myself! I'm the Founder of Wild Mantle. Read on for some random tidbits...and I hope you like my designs...and that I get to meet you (virtually or in person) soon! 

(wearing: Black Dreamer by Wild Mantle, shoes by Tom's Shoes)

WHERE I COME FROM: I was born into an amazingly creative family of artists, writers, musicians and mathematicians (hi Mom, Dad, Nik and Dan!) and raised in Narberth, Pennsylvania (#LoveNarberth!) 

WHEN I STARTED DESIGNING: In high school, I taught myself how to sew my own clothes on my grandmother's sewing machine. I was no master seamstress and my stitches were often messy...but I loved the process of making my own garments and getting to alter existing garments to fit me better. 

WHATS UP IN MY LIFE NOW: I'm about to turn 30 years old on October 10! And, I've got the grey hairs to prove it. Woot woot. 

WHAT I DO FOR WORK: I've come to define myself as a Millennial-Female-Entrepreneur. Before I started Wild Mantle, I had a photography company with my older brother. Since founding Wild Mantle in 2013, I've launched myself on mission to give the world a hug one Wild Mantle at a time. It's been both a bumpy and magical road...you can watch my TEDx Talk to get the scoop!

WHAT I'M READING: I just finished reading Anne Marie Slaughter's Unfinished Business, mostly because I'm researching how I can grow Wild Mantle to be a flexible workplace where helps men and women are able to nurture their professional careers and raise families at the same time. Now, I've moved on to Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. And, in between I may or may not have read the Fall 2016 edition of Vogue ;) 

WHY FALL IS MY FAVORITE SEASON: Because I love the beauty of the leaves changing...the crispness of the colder air moving in...the feeling of crawling into sweaters and boots after a summer of sundresses and bare feet...the deliciousness of dipping ginger snap cookies into hot tea on chilly evenings...

Speaking of fall, it's almost here, and I couldn't be more excited. September is Wild Mantle's birthday month and we are 3 years old. Woohoo! 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll follow our blog this fall...we have some awesome posts planned for you. 

Until next time...Onwards & Upwards :) 


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