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Hi, my name is Annie

Posted on September 15 2016

Hi, I’m Annie! It is so nice to meet you. Avi (the Founder of Wild Mantle, who you'll meet soon!) and I are here to bring you the new Wild Mantle blog. You will see our posts in the upcoming weeks and months.

When Avi and I discussed how best to begin, we played around with a bunch of ideas, but we wound up coming back to the same conclusion:  Wild Mantle is not just about fashion, but also about people.  We decided that the best place to begin would be to share with you who we are—to be as transparent and authentic as we can—because that is what this blog is about.  We want you to feel welcome here.

The mantle I take up in my life is to write fairy tales—new fairy tales.  I write fairy tales that seek to help us understand ourselves and our world, so that perhaps we may life happier, more magical, more conscious lives.

Stories are important.  We tell stories every day as we walk through life, about everything.  We tell stories about ourselves, about our jobs, our homes, our friends, and our family.  These are the stories that shape our lives.  If we find that our lives are going in a direction that we don’t particularly enjoy, we can begin to tell new stories that take us down a different path.  I found that the more magical the story I told about my life, the more magical my life became.  So, that’s why I write fairy tales.  I love to write the possibility of a better ending—not just for myself, but also for humanity and for the planet.

We are living in an important time.  The decisions we make, the things we buy, and the stories we tell all have the possibility to shape the world we wake up to tomorrow.  I truly hope that the stories we bring you here will have a beautiful impact on your life in a small or big way. .  I hope that when you take up your mantle in life, you feel connected to something greater and infinitely more powerful than yourself.

This is just a small piece of my story, but it is the story that is closest to my heart.  I cannot wait to hear yours.

To get more info on how to submit a story to our blog, email your idea to Avi@WildMantle.com

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