GO WILD: Lenore

Lenore is wearing the Windy in Sole

Lenore is a Pilates Instructor and good friend of mine. As Lenore and I walked wandered through the woods during her GO WILD photo shoot, we chatted about what WILD means to her. Here are Lenore's musings on wild:

Avi: So, what does the word WILD mean to you? 
Lenore: I think a lot of wild things happen when people become 50. 
Avi: What do you mean? 
Lenore: People make changes in their lives they didn't expect they would. They change partners, they change lifestyles, you begin to not be surprised by things people do or who they become. 
Avi: It's like a second becoming? Almost like your 20s all over again? 
Lenore: Better. Because you're not so uncertain as you were in your 20s. 

Lenore also said something that really stood out to me. She said "Pilates gave me the courage to pose naked." This reminded me that when you invest in yourself, it gives you the courage and capacity to then give to the world. Yes, this inspired me to create a more aggressive exercise regime :) 

THANK YOU Lenore for adding your grace, beauty and wisdom to the GO WILD photo campaign.
XO Avi

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    Gorgeous pictures, extraordinary woman, beautiful sentiments.

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