GO WILD: Erida

By Erida Nunes
When I think about "wild" I immediately think about "embracing". Being wild is to embrace  yourself, embrace life, embrace love, embrace pain, embrace your beauty, your flaws, you weirdness, your sexuality, your craziness.
Being a 28-year old married woman I feel the pressure of having to think, behave and even dress in a more reserved way. Recently, my husband was away for the weekend and I invited two girlfriends over for the night. We chatted for hours and they saw the longboards sitting in our living room and asked if I skateboarded. I said I love skateboarding but I don't have the time for it right now. One of my friends said "funny, we are three of us and you have three longboards". It was 3am in my quiet neighborhood when we left the house in a mission.
I put some shorts on and some music on my cell phone and did not care if anyone in the neighborhood would complain or judge me; we had so much fun speaking loud, laughing and trying to stay on the longboards. 
It was the beginning of the fall, and we could feel the cool breeze kissing our faces while the neighborhood was asleep. That moment, I embraced being wild. I embraced life, nature, and the amazing feeling of being alive and free. 
What does WILD mean to you? 

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