GO WILD: Elyse

Elyse is one of the most WILD women I know. She is fierce and uninhibited, caring and daring.

When I asked her to be a part of my GO WILD photo shoot in the last weeks of her pregnancy, she didn't think "oh, it might be difficult to wander around in the woods naked when I'm about to pop" Without hesitation her response was "yes of course, anything to help you, darling!" 

While we were on  the photo shoot, I thought about how our woman ancestors actually wandered around in the woods when they were pregnant. Hunting and gathering, looking out for predators, getting ready to bring new life into the world. If Elyse were alive in those times, she would have absolutely been a master at survival.

One of the things I admire most about Elyse is how she just tells it like it is. She isn't afraid to speak her mind. She moves through life with a certain sense of freedom about her, aided by a sense of humor and also straightup girlpower ritousness. She hasn't let that sense of childhood fun escape in her adult years. She plays roller derby, and is so passionate about it in that infectious sort of way that makes you want to strap on a pair of rollar skates and join the team. 

These photos are some of my favorite from the GO WILD shoot. Because of how much fun we had taking them, wandering around in the woods like a bunch of primitive vagabonds, but mostly because this last photo which Elyse texted me melts my heart. So wait for it....IT'S A BOY!!!! Elyse, thanks for being a part of this. I know you are going to be a fantastic mama and that this little nugget is one lucky cutie! 

Welcome to the world, baby Gavin! I can't wait to watch you grow :) 

XO Avi

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