Ashley + Taylor Take Up The Mantle of DIY Natural Home Goodness

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Hi everyone, A few weeks ago I noticed my friend Ashley (below) started to post on facebook about her adventures making homemade laundry detergent and other products with her son Taylor (also below). I was like WOW, what she is making sounds sooo good and healthy and I want to know how to do that!
You already know Ashley and her son Taylor from our 2016 Summer Kickstarter Campaign Video, and our instagram and website. Here are some other cute photos of Ashley and Taylor on Wild Mantle adventures that I love!
Ashley has been such an awesome friend and fan of Wild Mantle. So, when she recently announced that she started a new blog "Braun Brewings" all about her adventures making products for her home out of natural ingredients and essential oils I was like YESSS!!! I thought it was really cute and wanted to share: BRAUN BREWINGS
Okay, and one more mantle photo because I can't help it. 
Good luck Ashley and Taylor, can't wait to follow and see what you make!

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